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How to fix Windows 10 disk usage at 100%

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A common problem with Windows 10 is the PC running slow and using a high amount of disk usage, many articles online have suggested disabling Superfetch and Windows Search Services. Another article online said about how disabling Windows Tips and Tricks can also help solve this issue.

Doing this does seem to help however it does not appear to completely fix the problem where the disk usage is at a high percentage. Usually bringing the disk usage down to 80-90%.

The common cause of the problem does infact seem to be an issue where Windows 10 distributes updates to computers over the internet.

To disable Windows 10 from sharing updates to other PC's you need to go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Choose how updates are delivered

On the page now opened you will have options to share updates via the local area network, internet and to turn off this feature.

Setting the computer to get and send updates to PC's on the local area network should fix this issue. For further info see Microsoft FAQ on Windows update delivery optimization

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